Hope's Chest Inc.

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Hope’s Chest was created soon after Hope Animal Hospital opened in July 2009. Our wonderful clients began our efforts by donating their pet’s medications to Dr. Moseley to “pay it forward.” Their generosity to help other animals after losing their own pet was astonishing. It was heaven sent.

Dr. Moseley began helping animals at our local humane society shelter (Cleveland County Humane Society), hurt or injured animals at Cleveland County Animal Control’s shelter, and several animals that came into her hospital that had no one to take care of them. Since 2009, Dr. Moseley has been able to collect and use medications and donated bedding and supplies to help animals in need. And it has amazing… hundreds of animals have received veterinary care!!

Because of its continued growth and support, Dr. Moseley has decided to form a non-profit organization… Hope’s Chest, Inc., to be able to help more animals who have no one to help them. With much thought, we have come up with our mission statement: "Hope's Chest Inc. brings hope to homeless animals by helping them get the much needed veterinary care they deserve and assisting them with their journey to find their 'Forever Home'."

We have many events throughout the year that we would love for you to come out to. From yard sales to bake sales, we have it all. If you would like to know more just stop by and see us at Hope Animal Hospital or call us at 704-481-8005.

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