Curb-side Visits 101:

We will continue our curbside service for day admissions (”drop-offs”), pets being admitted for surgery or dentistry, and any technician visits. You may also choose to have your pet’s wellness visit or sick examination as a Curb-side Visit if you prefer to stay in your car while your pet has a happy visit inside!

#1 When you arrive, follow the instructions on the sign at your parking space. Or call us at 704-481-8005 and tell us what parking space you are in. We will confirm the purpose for your visit and make sure we have all the information we need.

To better serve you and your pet, please fill out the Pre-appointment Form located under Online Client Forms or click “Curb-side Care Form” on our home page.

#2 A team member will come outside to fetch your pet. Please make sure your dog is on a secure leash and/or your cat is in a secure carrier.

#3 If you are here for a technician visit, we will bring your pet back to your vehicle once their treatment is completed and take payment at your vehicle.

If your pet has seen the doctor, then your vet will call you during the visit with exam findings and any treatment plan. A technician will bring your pet back to you and go over any instructions/medications that are being sent home. We will collect payment at your vehicle.

If your pet has had a surgical or dental procedure, a team member will text or call you with any updates later in the day and ask that you call to set up a discharge time for a curb-side dismissal time. Any post-op instructions/medications will be gone over with you at this time. We will collect payment at your vehicle.

Curb-side Visits: Sit. Stay. Please!

Curb-side visits for your pet’s vet visit or technician visit are scheduled exactly like regular vet visits. They are different from day admissions or surgery/dental admissions when you leave your pet here and come back later.

If you prefer curb-side service for a vet visit, please stay at Hope Animal Hospital while we see your pet and call you with exam findings. It’s crucial for you to be available to take our call, and be ready when your pet is ready to come back outside to you. Otherwise, your pet is left waiting while we have other pets to see.

We have a busy schedule helping all the pets here at Hope. While we understand it’s tempting to run a quick errand during a curb-side visit, please don’t. You help us tremendously when you stay here.

Good sit! Happy visits are happening inside.

Our team works hard to be prompt and efficient, and to make everything run smoothly for every pet parent. We appreciate your help to make all of our services great.

If you’d rather be with your fur baby for a vet visit, you can! Check out our “Exam Room Visits”.