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Exam Room Visits 101:

Come on in!! You can accompany your fur baby inside for a happy visit!

You now have two options for coming inside for your fur-baby’s exam room visit:

#1 You can park and “Come on in” to check-in at our front desk.

A client service representative will review and confirm information about your pet’s visit with us.  You may then wait in our lobby until we have an exam room available.  A team member will come to the lobby and escort you to an examination room for your pet’s appointment with the doctor.

Note:  If our lobby gets too crowded with people and pets, we may ask you to wait in your car with your pet after you check-in at our front desk.

#2 If you would like to maintain social distancing, or you just want to play “Candy Crush” on your phone, you may choose “Curbside Check-in”.

When you arrive, just call us at 704-481-8005 and tell us which vehicle you are in (make, model, color). We will confirm the purpose for your pet’s visit and make sure we have all the information we need. A team member will then come to your vehicle and escort you directly to an exam room for your pet’s appointment with the doctor.

#3 Please fill out our pre-appointment form found on our website under “About Us”/Client Forms.  Collecting information prior to your appointment time will help us prepare and quickly check you in.

#4 We recommend that you come 10-15 minutes before your appointment time.

#5 At the end of your pet’s appointment, a team member will escort you to the lobby to the designated check-out client service representative.  If necessary, to help overcrowding in the front lobby, you may be checked out in the exam room.

Common Sense and Respecting Others:

We are so excited to be able to see everyone again! We have missed our Hope Animal Hospital family! We realize that it has taken a while to get here, but we wanted to ensure that everyone, including our staff, were safe and protected during the COVID pandemic.

We are committed to having a safe environment for our practice in this “new world” of social distancing. To do this, we ask that you:

  • Be healthy. Let us know if you have been sick in the prior two weeks or have been exposed to someone with COVID. We can reschedule your visit accordingly.
  • Masks are optional…but help us by being respectful of those who are wearing a mask.
  • Sit and stay in the exam room. Help us practice social distancing as best you can. We will not be able to stay six feet apart during the entire visit, but we will do our best to practice the best safety protocols.
  • If you need to bring your children with you, we would ask that you utilize the valet service.  We want everyone to be safe in the car while we see pets inside.
  • Good rule of thumb for determining safe distance between you and others?? Leave space for 2 Great Danes or 7 Chihuahuas!!!

Your cooperation and support make our work enjoyable, especially as we all work together to navigate COVID-19 and best help your pets.  We are doing our very best. We will continue to make the best decisions to keep everyone safe.

We have always followed the best practices of sanitation in our hospital. We thoroughly disinfect surfaces after each use, plus deep cleanings are regular maintenance.

Your designated exam room will be thoroughly cleaned before and after you and your pet have a happy visit. We will also disinfect the lobby area and offer multiple hand sanitizer stations.

Your Hope Animal Hospital experience matters to us! We are committed to providing pets the best care and pet parents the best service.

If you have any questions about new policies, please call us at 704-481-8005. Our team is so happy to welcome our Hope family safely back inside.

Welcome back! We missed you.