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Our world has changed considerably over the last year during the COVID 19 pandemic.  And here at Hope Animal Hospital, we will continue to follow recommended guidelines from the AVMA and CDC.  As always, we ask that you be patient with us.  

Throughout this pandemic, we have had to make some major changes in how our practice functions daily.  And we have worked hard to continue to try and provide the best service we can, under the circumstances.  Our patients, no matter what we have had to change with COVID-19 guidelines, continue to receive the best quality care. 

For the foreseeable future, we will continue providing “curbside service”.  We are hoping to be able to open our lobby and exam rooms soon before the end of the year to allow clients to be with their pets during their visits.  But there will be continued restrictions and recommendations so that we can keep everyone safe.  We will continue to post any new changes on our Facebook page.

At this time, we will not be accepting any new clients.  We are focusing on scheduling for our existing active clients and their pets.  Hopefully, in 2021, we will be able to start accepting new clients/pets.

Curbside Service:

Here are some recommendations for you to consider when you bring your pet in for their appointment…this will help make your visit go along more smoothly.

Our staff is working diligently, every day, to make your visit at Hope a good one. 

  • When you arrive, we will check you in for your appointment at your vehicle.  Please bring any information (writing or typing notes for the doctor is greatly appreciated) you have regarding your pet’s medical condition or if you have specific concerns. 
  • Once you have been checked-in, a staff member will come and get your pet from your vehicle.
  • Please have your dog leashed or your cat in a secure carrier…this is for your pet’s safety. 
  • Please remain in your vehicle AND at the hospital until you speak with a doctor or staff member about your pet. We ask that you not leave the parking lot until your pet’s visit is completed. If your time is limited, please let us know when making your appointment. We have no way to control how long your wait may be. We are doing our best to try and stay on schedule with appointment times, but please come prepared to have to wait.
  • If a doctor or staff member needs to call to talk with you, please provide a phone number that you can be reached at immediately. To help decrease your wait time, please answer your phone. We have multiple phone lines, and if necessary, we will call from personal phones that may say “restricted number”.
  • We do allow drop-off appointments, but these slots may be limited…priority is for sick or injured pets.
  • Please call ahead if you need prescription refills and/or prescription food. To help decrease your wait time, we ask that you consider prepaying by credit card at the time you call in your request.

As always, we appreciate everyone being patient with us during these unprecedented times! The future is unknown, and everyone’s safety is our concern. We are doing our best to try and care for your pets…and you.

God bless and be safe.

Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Habel, and the staff of Hope Animal Hospital

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